Cut your tax

By Arnaud Campion

Your situation

- Mitigate the new tax law, direct debit, estate wealth tax

On your investments

- It is important to select the right investment vehicle: life-assurance, PEA, bare property rights.
- You may also sell some of your property assets to reduce the flat tax on real estate.

On your income

- We can help you make the best use of favourable tax regimes and schemes: furnished rentals, SCPI (REITs), deferred compensation insurance...
- We can ensure you withdraw the income needed to fund your lifestyle, while the rest of the proceeds continues to grow in tax-free vehicles.

On the transfer of your wealth

- By using the fiscal allowances for donations as early as possible
- By splitting property rights in order to pass on your wealth over two generations
- By ensuring the beneficiaries are clearly stated in your contract terms
- By subscribing to Life Insurance contracts to cover inheritance tax

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