Tax Advice

shutterstock_67470031Building an SCI

Owning a property though an SCI instead of owning it directly has many advantages :

Articles of this civil estate company enables you to keep full management, income and use of the property while passing on your heirs or third party without tax, taking advantages of the donation scheme.

For non resident, you own shares and not a property. For inheritance duty, in international tax treaties properties are taxed with the law of their situation while shares are taxed upon the law of your residence

Wealth Taxshutterstock_59736190

You can now invest in Small & Medium Enterprises and cut down up to 20,000 EUR on  your wealth tax.

Wealth Generation has selected the best Mutual Proximity Investment Fund,  referenced by major private banks,  to help you make the most  of your investment.

We can also help you to fill in the Wealth Tax Return

Income shutterstock_59320420Tax

You want to cut down your tax while investing on a property ?

Take advantage of the new Tax scheme “Loi Pinel” issued  in the 2014 Tax Law and cut down up to € 6,000 from your Income Tax every year during 9 years.

You can also invest in a Lease Back scheme, get the VAT (20 %) on your purchase refunded and enjoy a guaranteed rental income all along the commercial lease.